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Jean Winter

I use words and language, and music and art to help people explore their sense of Self in ways that are authentically meaningful for each of them.

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Awaken your potential.



Discover who you are capable of becoming.



Choose to live your truth.


The Possibilities of Education

Curiosity and a desire to discover are my platform for education.


The Jeanius of Tutoring

Nurturing understanding, confidence and individual empowerment.


The Magic of Music

Creating from our spirit and as an act of self-expression is a supremely human activity.

Jean Winter

Choose to live with passion, clarity of intention, and generosity of spirit.


What They are Saying

  • She is a woman of great integrity. Whether you work with her, learn from her, or read her blogs, you will be touched by her and discover more about your own potential.
    Naomi Irons-Hill
    Naomi Irons Hill
  • I appreciate the great gift she has been to those with whom she engages. It is rare to find someone who can effectively model the legitimacy of curiosity in a world determined to enforce the status quo.
    Louise LeBrun sitting on a bench in Hawaii
    Louise Lebrun
  • Her greatest impact was as a motivator to the hundreds of girls she critiqued after their competitive performances. She made each girl feel important.
    Pat Castonguay
    Pat Castonguy
  • Jean is a willing, organized and caring mentor; music and words are her passion and bring joy to her life. She can always see possibility where others may not.
    Sheila Winter
    Sheila WW
  • She is a very gentle and open-minded person, who doesn’t judge anybody, but always looks through diversity and adversity to see a student who can succeed with help.
    Alex Massett
    Alex Massett
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Weighting for Happiness

Do you feel comfortable in your own skin? Have you felt held captive by external expectations about what you should weigh or the size you should be?

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